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O2 Academy Birmingham


In accordance with section 27 of the licensing law the venue has the right to refuse admission without providing a reason. If you have consumed alcohol prior to arrival & appear to be in an intoxicated state or behave inappropriately in the queue or in view of the venue staff you may be refused entry without a refund.

Crowd surfing, smoking within the venue, the throwing of drinks and any other behaviour deemed as inappropriate whilst inside the venue will result in ejection from the premises without a refund.



O2 Academy Birmingham restrict the age of those attending to children aged 8 years old and over due to sound levels and crowd profiles. We strongly discourage bringing any child under the age of 8 to shows unless agreed in writing with the Venue Management in advance of the show. To attend a show unaccompanied you must be over the age of 14.

Children (8-13) attending shows should have appropriate ear protection provided by their legal guardian. The Venues do not provide suitable protection for younger patrons. Accompanying adults should be confident that the child will not cause disruption to other patrons and may be asked to leave the venue if they do so without refund.

Patrons with a child / children under 8 arriving at the venue without any prior contact and appropriate hearing protection will need to speak with the duty manager who will assess the situation.  If the duty manager feels that there is no way to accommodate the child safely in the venue due to sound levels, crowd profile, type of act etc. then they have the right to refuse entry without a refund.

Children aged 8 - 13 must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over and each adult can bring up to 2 under 14’s under their supervision.  We strongly recommend that under 14’s attend Academy 1 shows with balcony tickets wherever possible for the safety, comfort and viewing experience of the child.

Children who appear to look under the age of 14 that arrive at a show and cannot prove they are 14 or over may be refused entry depending on the type of show. This decision will be made by the duty manager. Parents will be called to collect their child if the show is not suitable for the person to attend unaccompanied. No refund will be given in this instance.

Some events have restrictions in place with admittance permissible to over 16’s/18’s or 21’s and no exceptions will be made on the doors.  Please ensure you read all the show details prior to booking tickets as refunds cannot be made in this case.

The Venue Management have the right to refuse entry without a refund.


All tickets should be purchased through one of the recognised outlets or in person at the venue box office. Our official ticketing partner is TicketWeb and all shows at the venue will have a ticket allocation sold through www.ticketweb.co.uk.  A list of official ticketing agents who may also receive allocations can be found on our website - these include Ticketmaster, See Tickets, Ticketline, Gigantic, The Ticket Factory and Midland Box Office.  Tickets cannot be purchased over the phone directly with the venue.

The Box Office opening times are 12pm – 4pm Monday to Friday and 11pm – 4pm on Saturday.  The Box Office is closed on Sunday.  The Box Office is also open for ticket collections and queries for every show from doors until 15 minutes after the headline band take the stage, but not for sales for other events.

For lost or stolen tickets, or tickets not received in the post, please contact the agent/outlet that the tickets were booked / purchased through.  The venue can only help customers who booked in person at the Box Office.



Fraudulent tickets such as cancelled & duplicated tickets can be sold on the secondary ticketing market. The venue is unable to help with ticketing problems unless tickets are purchased with an authorised ticketing agent and tickets brought from these sources often do not gain access to the event.



For the satisfaction of other customers iPads and/or tablet devices are not permitted to photograph or film during any performances. Customers who persist may be asked to leave the venue.

No professional cameras (with large or detachable lenses), video cameras or tape recorders are permitted in the venue. Should you be found to have these on arrival you will be asked to either take them back to somewhere safe or be asked to deposit them in the venue safe room where they are returned to you at the end of the event.

Small compact camera’s are allowed unless identified for a specific show.  Details like this would be found on the booking page for the event on TicketWeb, or via the venues Facebook and Twitter pages on the day of the show.



If you are lucky enough to look under 25, you will be asked to prove that you are over 18, when you purchase alcohol.  Challenge 25 is the same principle as challenge 21. All customers who look under the age of 25 will be required to provide ID when purchasing alcohol.

If you are under 18 you are committing a criminal offence if you attempt to buy alcohol and you may be ejected without a refund or held until a responsible adult can come and collect you.   People over the age of 18 found purchasing drinks for those not of legal age will be ejected without a refund.

Only acceptable forms of proof are accepted. These are listed under the ID policy.



The venue has 3 cloakrooms and charge £1.50 per item. O2 customers can use them for free by texting MOMENTS to 2020, finding the free cloakroom offer and showing the code at the cloakroom on the night. o2priority.co.uk/moments

If you are bringing a bag bigger than a ladies handbag and items such as motor bike helmets, backpacks etc with you we request that these are left in the cloakroom.

Please be aware that no item will be given out from the cloakroom without the matching ticket being presented. If you have lost your ticket you will be asked to wait till the end of the event to collect your belongings.



If you have selected the Box Office option when booking tickets they will be available for collection from the box office on the day of the show.

To collect tickets from the box office you will need to have a copy of the order confirmation, ID and the card used as payments for the tickets.

If you are collecting a ticket(s) and you are not the person whose card was used for the purchase, please ensure you bring with you a signed letter of authorisation from the card holder which details your name and the last four digits of the card used to purchase the tickets.



O2 Academy Birmingham is keen to promote equality of opportunity for people with disabilities and where possible have taken the necessary steps to meet customers requirements. All access bookings are handled through the venue box office - please refer to the Access tab on our website for information on how to book tickets and the specific facilities at this venue.



There are no restrictions with regards to clothing at most events, however if you are wearing a hat, hoody or bike helmet you may be asked to remove these prior to entry and that they be deposited in a cloakroom. 

Some items of fancy dress may be confiscated if they are believed to pose a risk to others in low lighting conditions – please note that glow sticks are not permitted and will be confiscated.



No food or beverages should be brought into the Venue; these will be removed on search and confiscated. This includes sweets & chewing gum.

The bars at the venue do stock snacks and there is also a Hot Dog kiosk, however we advise you to eat before arriving at the venue.

Free drinking water is available on request at bars throughout the venues.

Should you require items for medical reasons please make this known to the security personnel on the front door who will contact the Duty Manager & medical personnel to discuss this in private.

Alternatively if possible contact the Venue via email in advance of the show.



Anyone who looks to be under the age of 25 years will be challenged to prove their age to buy alcohol. The venue operates Challenge 25.

Accepted forms of ID are: Driver's license (full or provisional), or a current vlaid Passport or PASS Card with the pass hologram.

Any ID being presented to door staff fraudulently will be confiscated from the bearer.  ID that is believed to be fake/not genuine and genuine forms of ID being presented by someone other than the named person on the ID are confiscated and a bailment form given to the customer documenting the temporary possession of the ID.  The ID is then transferred to the Licensing Department of West Midlands Police and made available for collection approximately 10 days after seizure from the Steelhouse Lane Police Station in central Birmingham.



If you have a complaint about the venue or event please speak to a member of security who will try to assist and in turn, if necessary, contact a Duty Manager immediately during the show to try and resolve the issue.

Complaints after an event should be sent in writing (via email) directly to the Venue’s enquiry address mail@o2academybirmingham.co.uk  or alternatively to the Operations Department, whose details are listed under the contact option on the Academy Music Group website.


If you have lost items or left them in the cloakroom please email the venue directly on mail@o2academybirmingham.co.uk with a description of the missing item, date of the show contact details and any other relevant information. The venue will check and if the item can be located will be in contact to arrange for you to collect the item.

The venues keep items for 6 weeks, after this period they are passed to local charity shops. Valuable items may be held for a longer period and are handed to the police if not collected within the time frame.



Merchandise can be purchased from the stand located at the rear of the stalls for Academy 1 and dependent upon the event, an additional temporary sales point is located on the left side of the balcony.  For Academy 2 merchandise is available from the table in the back left corner, and for Academy 3 the stand is set up in the middle left side of the room. 



Please be aware that there will be high sound levels during shows and patrons may be subject to continuous sound levels which may cause potential damage to hearing. Ear plugs are available on request should they be required.

The venue operates a neighbour friendly policy, when leaving the venue please make as little noise as possible.



Once you have entered the venue there will be no pass-outs and no re-admittance. Should you leave the venue for any reason you will not be re-admitted and no refund will be given.



We discourage bringing medication to the venue; however we do understand that for some people this is a necessity. Therefore should a person attend a show with prescription drugs the following applies:


  • A sealed package of prescribed medication of a small quantity is permitted providing that the persons name is on the label. A prescription for the medication if possible should be brought with you if possible.


  • Any person with items that are deemed unidentifiable / not in the original packaging or of a large quantity will be asked to speak with the Medics on the night who will assess the situation and the items may be removed until after the show and held in the medical room where they can be accessed if required.


Please be aware that evidence may be requested by security or the medic on entry. You may also be requested to speak with the Duty Manager.

A person who intends to bring into a venue medical sharps will be asked to discuss their usage with the Senior Duty Manager & the venues medical staff, in a private area, to ensure that their condition requires immediate access to these items and to also ensure the customer is aware of how to locate and access an area whereby they can administer the required treatment without any concern.



Patrons with tickets in areas with seats area are to be remained seated at all times. Security staff are instructed to ensure people in these areas are seated throughout the show to ensure an unobstructed view and for health & safety. Failure to comply with any requests during a show may result in ejection without a refund.



For the majority of shows the doors open at 7pm with a curfew of 11pm. On nights when there are club events after a gig the curfew can be 10pm or 10:30pm.

Door opening times will be printed on the tickets.

Late night events start and finish times differ and details will be on the tickets and the event information page found on the venue’s website.

Show times & support acts will be listed on the venue’s website & social networking pages as and when they are known to the venue. There is also an option to listen to show times as well – please call the venue on 0121 622 8250 and then select

option 2.  Typically these are provided between 2pm and 3pm on the day of the show.


All times and support acts listed are subject to change and are to be used as guidance only. Do not use the stage times listed to make travel arrangements.



In line with the law, O2 Academy Birmingham is a non-smoking venue.

Smoking is not permitted in any area of the venue. As a result of customer demand there is a dedicated smoking area which is accessible from approximately 1 hour after doors open for gigs and 30 mins after doors for club events.

Please note Smoking Areas are not opened until the majority of customers are in and approximate times are specified which are subject to change.

Please be aware if you appear to be under 18 you may be asked for ID to enter the smoking area.

Those found to be smoking inside the venue may be ejected without a refund.



Some shows will contain strobe lighting or smoke effects. Signage will be up in the venue to advise of this. Should you have an issue please email the venue prior to booking where possible, or speak to a member of staff on the night.



Terms and conditions can be found on the reverse of all tickets and on the bottom of home printed tickets.  These can also be viewed by clicking this link; http://promo.academy-music-group.co.uk/ticketterms.html

Crowd surfing and the throwing of drinks are strictly prohibited in the venue and those who do this will be ejected without a refund.  Patrons who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will also be refused entry without a refund.

In line with licensing law the venue has the right to refuse admission to any patron without providing a reason.



A TicketFast ticket is sent to you via email and must be clearly printed off at home on paper and presented at the door on the night of the show.

When this option is selected you will receive an order confirmation email and then a second separate email with .pdf attachment which is your ticket(s) to be printed.

Each individual ticket must be printed off (if more than one is purchased).

Please do not print the same one multiple times as these other tickets will be refused entry.

Unfortunately, TicketFast / e-tickets cannot currently be accepted when displayed on any touch screen device.